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[Ebook] Leaving Cert Maths Higher Level Solutions 2012-2021


[Ebook] Leaving Cert Maths Ordinary Level Solutions 2017-2021


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The teacher is very clear in his explanation of topics which really helped me when I didn't understand it in school. I also like the way he includes exam questions after explaining something as it further consolidates your knowledge on the topic at hand. Notes are very nicely laid out too!

— Niall Almahfouz

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Really happy with this course that I enrolled in in September. Very good teacher who is practical and breaks down the course well. My marks in almost every area of Irish have improved since starting the course which is exactly what I wanted. Aiming for a H1/H2 so I also bought the Oral course which is definitely helpful. I just love the fact that you can bounce between topics whenever you want - way better than normal grinds I think.

— Emilia O'Connell

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Everything about this course is great - the layout, length of lectures plus the teacher is refreshingly bubbly. Just love that you can keep going back to specific chapters or skip on if you want. The perfect resource for doing remote learning during COVID as well, don't feel like I've lost out.

— Freya Brown

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